FaceTime and Skype Changing Facelift Priorities

Are Skype and FaceTime changing people’s priorities for facelift surgery? A recent ABC news report indicates that these video chatting applications, which are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life, are causing many users to re-evaluate their appearance. The unique perspective offered by these programs has also created new priorities for facelifts and other facial surgeries.

What makes Skype and FaceTime different from simply looking in the mirror? When you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re usually looking at your face at a level angle, the same way that someone your height would see you. However, webcams used for Skype and FaceTime are often positioned beneath the level of your face. As a result, they offer a different perspective on your appearance, by being angled to give prominence to the neck, jaw, and chin.

Jennifer Miller, who began using Skype four years ago, is a recent surgical patient who was interviewed by ABC. “I noticed that the jowls and neck line were sagging. I thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh — do I look like this?’”

Miller decided to get facelift surgery to correct the appearance of her lower face. However, traditional facelift surgery leaves a scar beneath the patient’s chin, which would show up on Skype. That’s why she opted for a new type of facelift that has been dubbed the “FaceTime facelift.” This procedure involves making an incision behind the ears.

According to Dr. Robert Sigal, the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure, “the goal is to lift the tissues from behind. Then we use sling and modifications to bring muscle back and change direction.” He says that he developed the procedure because his wife “didn’t like the way she looked when she got an iPad and FaceTime with our daughters.”

There are a number of plastic surgeries that can enhance the appearance of your lower face. Neck lift surgery is a popular procedure that removes excess skin on the neck and tightens its appearance. This can offer greater definition to your jawline and chin.

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