Is A Tummy Tuck in Indiana Right For You?

Take This Quick Tummy Tuck Candidate Quiz To Find Out

Tummy Tuck Indiana

The tummy tuck is one of the top plastic surgery procedures in the country and often provides patients with life-changing benefits. However, like all plastic surgery procedures, the tummy tuck is not for everyone. Here is a quick quiz to help you decide if the tummy tuck is the right surgery for you.

Do you currently suffer from excess or hanging skin and tissue around your abdomen?

Yes: A tummy tuck in Indiana is one of the most effective procedures for helping patients rid themselves of the loose skin and tissue that is often left behind after pregnancy or major weight loss. When skin loses its elasticity after being stretched out, surgery is often required to remove it.

No: There are other reasons why some patients may undergo a tummy tuck other than excess skin. While removal of the unwanted skin and tissue is the reason a tummy tuck exists, some women have also benefited from a tummy tuck for the removal of C-Section scarring and stretch marks.

Are you struggling with stubborn areas of excess fat around your abdomen?

Yes: Contrary to what many people may think about this surgery, the tummy tuck in Indiana is not intended for the removal of excess fat. You may be better suited for a different body contouring procedure like liposuction. However, some patients may benefit from the two procedures combined.

No: You are already at a stable weight and may benefit from a tummy tuck procedure. The tummy tuck is best for those who are at or near their goal size, but have struggled with issues, such as excess skin or tissue.

Are you a woman planning on having children after your procedure?

Yes: It is recommended that a woman be done with having children before undergoing a tummy tuck. While it is still safe to become pregnant after surgery, pregnancy can reverse the results of a tummy tuck by stretching out the abdomen.

No: Many mothers often choose to have a tummy tuck to return to their pre-baby bodies once they have had their last child. A tummy tuck can be performed as part of a mommy makeover to fully restore the body that you once knew.

Do you currently live a healthy lifestyle?

Yes: People who undergo a tummy tuck in Indiana are often already exercising and eating healthy. If excess skin will not go away with diet and exercise, surgical intervention with a tummy tuck is often necessary, despite living healthfully. However, it is important to continue to live a healthy lifestyle after a tummy tuck in order to maintain long-lasting results from your procedure.

No: Plastic surgery should never be used as an alternative to diet and exercise. This can lead to various complications and will not provide the patient with long-lasting results.

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