Kybella: What You Should Know About this Amazing Chin Sculpting Injectable

Robinson, Kybella - Image v1 Unhappy with the fullness of your chin? You are not alone. According to a 2014 study put out by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), 68 percent of the 8,315 individuals polled were unhappy with excess fat under the chin and around their neck. Thankfully, a revolutionary new treatment, Kybella, targets and treats fat that has accumulated under and around the chin. Dr. Robinson is thrilled to introduce Kybella to his practice. Many patients have expressed interest in this innovative new injection—however, as a new treatment, many questions have arisen. Here, we try to answer the questions we are most commonly asked. What causes a double chin? A double chin occurs as loose skin combines with fatty deposits—leaving your face fuller than you would most likely prefer. There are three factors that most directly contribute to a double chin: genetics, age, and weight fluctuation. Many find it hard to lose this added fullness through diet and exercise. Just like other stubborn pockets of fat, the chin is a hard area to specifically target. How Does Kybella Work? The first of its kind—Kybella is the only injectable treatment that stimulates fat reduction. Kybella is formulated from deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule responsible for breaking down and absorbing fat. When injected, Kybella targets and liquefies individual fat cells—destroying submental fat. Once destroyed, the fat cell will be eliminated naturally from the body. As fat cells can no longer accumulate and store fat—your jawline will have a coveted toned and contoured appeal. When Will I Notice Results? Patients may require up to six treatments spaced out one month apart. Patients may see results in as little as two treatments with 80% of patients noticing results with four treatments. A small amount of patients will require the full series of six treatments. Each treatment lasts approximately 15-20 minutes. With a high success rate, Kybella looks to be a promising and effective treatment. Post-injection, almost 70% of study participants saw a noticeable difference. Of those, 79% of the participants reported being satisfied with the treatment and corresponding appearance of a contoured chin (*). Along with Dr. Robinson, our team at Indiana Plastic Surgery is excited to see how Kybella can help transform your neckline. Are you ready to say goodbye to your double chin? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Robinson.

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