One Breast is Not Like the Other

Many women come to Indiana Plastic Surgery displeased that their breasts are not even. Up to 25% of women have visibly asymmetrical breasts. Size is not the only factor, women may also notice that the shape of their breasts can also vary substantially. For most, the difference in size is minimal, but for some, breast unevenness is extreme, causing a woman to be self-conscious and uncomfortable with her body.

Asymmetry & Emotional Turmoil

The Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently published a study demonstrating the negative mental and emotional effects that can be caused by asymmetrical breasts. Taking into account natural and subtle variation in breast size, 59 of the 201 girls (aged 12 to 21) had asymmetrical breasts by at least one cup size.

Researchers found that when there was a substantial difference in breast size, there was also a corresponding “decrement in emotional functioning, mental health, [and] self-esteem”. Thus, the difference between the test and controlled subjects were primarily psychological, not physical. More evidence to this is that those who suffered from asymmetry often had lower social functioning and emotional attitudes. The study concludes that asymmetry is “not just a cosmetic issue” and that we “should be aware of the psychological impairments associated with asymmetry”.

Cautionary Note: If you have always had naturally even and symmetrical breasts but have recently noticed one of your breasts has or is changing—we advise that you schedule an appointment with your physician. A sudden changes in shape, size, or appearance can be a precursor and symptom of breast cancer.

Correcting Esteem & Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is unique to each woman. Addressing unevenness can be achieved through an implant, reduction, or through a breast lift. To best meet your specific needs, Dr. Robinson may choose to use multiple techniques such as a breast augmentation with a lift. As to which breast, or breasts, to augment, Dr. Robinson explains, “sometimes, it is easier to correct one breast to best match the other … other times, you may need to have both breasts addressed”.

Personalizing the procedure towards your goals, Dr. Robinson is able to improve evenness between your breasts—both in size and shape. That said, Dr. Robinson reminds us that it is important to keep in mind that although there can be significant improvement, ”the best way to approach correcting breast asymmetry is to have realistic expectations as to what can be achieved. Although no one can expect to achieve perfection, realizing that significant improvement can be achieved, should be the goal”.

As the study shows, there is a strong correlation between our breasts, body image, and our emotional psyche. Dr. Robinson has a passion for creating a body and look that you feel good about.

Is breast asymmetry something you struggle with? Schedule a consultation at Indiana Plastic Surgery to learn how Dr. Robinson can help you.

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