Permanent Frown Inverted With Grin Lift

While the appearance of a frown can often be corrected through Botox or dermal fillers, plastic surgery is sometimes required to correct this common condition. Fortunately, a customized facelift that targets the specific signs of the “permafrown” has been developed. This new procedure, dubbed the grin lift, was recently featured on an episode of ABC’s The Doctors.

“I am a positive and upbeat person,” says Deb, a 56-year-old woman who consulted a plastic surgeon to correct her permafrown. “When I look in the mirror, what I see is my mouth is drooping. Doesn’t mean that I’m sad, just that the side of my mouth is going down.”

“There are millions of Americans that basically inherit a grumpy look,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Youn, “and whether they’re happy, sad, angry, or even scared, they always look like they’re frowning. In some patients, when it’s not so bad, we can inject fillers, and fillers can work for them. But in some cases, like with Deborah, it’s severe and they always look grumpy… in that situation, we need surgery.”

In the video, Dr. Youn performs a customized facelift surgery that involves removing small amounts of skin on either side of the mouth.

“It’s a very simple procedure where I remove a little bit of skin from above each corner of the mouth to actually lift it up. It does create a little scar, but usually it heals very, very nicely. The procedure literally takes about 15 minutes. Basically as simple as taking a mole off of somebody.” The procedure can be performed under local anesthetic.

If you have a permafrown, there are a variety of procedures that can help. Botox is often highly effective at fighting certain facial wrinkles, while dermal fillers such as Perlane, Restylane, and Juvederm can enhance the appearance of frown lines.

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