Are You Mommy Makeover Ready?

Many mothers struggle to attain their pre-pregnancy body. Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and a busy schedule can drastically alter a woman’s figure. More and more, women are coming to Indiana Plastic Surgery in search of a slim, tight, and renewed appearance. Through what is known as a Mommy Makeover, Dr. Robinson is able to reshape and restore your figure.

We find that many women are mentally and emotionally ready for their Mommy Makeover, but have concerns regarding the lifestyle changes that will need to take place. For good reason: best results are seen when a woman has prepared mentally and physically, and has taken the proper precautions to ensure a restful recovery.

Preparing Your Body

One of the most common questions we are asked pertains to whether it is a good idea to lose weight prior to undergoing surgery. Many mothers find that their bodies continue to change for a while after giving birth. To ensure the success of your Mommy Makeover, you will want to make sure that your weight is stable for a few months before surgery.

Preparing for Your Recovery

We understand that, as a mom, your schedule is full and often hectic—taking time for yourself can be a challenging undertaking. However, downtime is key to successful results. One of the benefits of a Mommy Makeover is that it targets and treats multiple trouble areas with only one day of surgery and one recovery period. Here, we offer a few pointers on preparing for a successful recovery:

  • Prior to your surgery, make arrangements for your children. You will not need the extra stress of having to take care of them as well as yourself.
  • Most women find that it is best to take two weeks away from work after their Mommy Makeover.
  • Do not push yourself when it comes to returning to your routine. Allow your body enough time to completely and fully heal. Although it may be difficult, try to enjoy this time of rest.

Are You Ready?

We would love to work with you! Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Robinson and be on your way to a rejuvenated you.

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