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Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction corrects the appearance of enlarged or overdeveloped breasts in men. This procedure involves the removal of excess fat, breast tissue and skin to restore a more toned, masculine appearance to the chest.

Among men, enlarged breasts (or a condition known as gynecomastia) are fairly common, affecting an estimated 40 to 60 percent of men. Although the condition is thought to be triggered by hormones, drugs, alcohol or marijuana use, the cause of the most cases is unknown.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

The ideal candidate for male breast reduction should be in good health. Men who are medically obese are generally advised to lose weight before seeking male breast reduction surgery.

Where Are the Incisions Made During Gynecomastia Surgery?

Generally, male breast reduction involves an incision made around the nipple, which allows plastic surgeon Dr. Robinson to remove excess skin, tissue, and fat. The procedure may also incorporate some liposuction to further sculpt the chest into a more toned and masculine shape. Scarring may be semi-permanent around the areola though tends to become less visible over time.

How Long Is the Recovery after Male Breast Reduction?

Some post-surgery bruising and swelling is likely to occur. You may need to wear an elastic compression garment around the chest for three to six weeks. It may take a few months for the chest to settle into its new shape.

Once recovered, the chest will be tighter, firmer, and more masculine in appearance. Exercise and diet are recommended to further tone and enhance your new chest.

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