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At Indiana Plastic Surgery, we strive each day to be the best place to get Botox in Northwest Indiana. We prefer Botox® Cosmetic to rejuvenate the contour and texture of skin that has begun to show signs of aging. When injected into facial skin, the purified protein works to temporarily correct moderate to severe lines and wrinkles. Botox works by blocking the nerve signal to the muscles, allowing them to relax. When this occurs, the wrinkles and lines naturally smooth out. Botox produces temporary results, so repeat treatments are needed to maintain its effects.

When to Consider Botox® Cosmetic in Indiana

Men and women between 18 to 65 years of age who are bothered by facial lines and wrinkles may want to consider treatment. Botox® Cosmetic is especially effective in treating:

  • Lines between the eyebrows
  • Frown and forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet

Alternatively, Botox can also be administered to treat muscle spasms, chronic migraine, and excessive sweating(*). If you are considering Botox for cosmetic applications, please schedule an appointment at Indiana Plastic Surgery. Dr. Robinson and our friendly staff can help you determine if you are a candidate for Botox.

Botox Indiana

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Botox Specials and Promotions in Indiana

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What is a Botox Treatment Like?

Before Botox treatment at Indiana Plastic Surgery, the wrinkles or lines to be corrected will first be identified. We will examine certain aspects of your facial muscles to help determine where to place the injections and how much Botox® Cosmetic to use. Larger facial muscles (often seen in men) may require a slightly higher dose of Botox. Your treatment will take place in an office setting and will only take about 15 minutes. Topical anesthesia is not typically needed for treatment, but may be an option for those who are sensitive to injections. After the points of injection have been chosen, the Botox cosmetic injection will be administered.

Is There Any Downtime After a Botox Treatment?

After Botox® Cosmetic treatment, you are able to return to normal activities immediately. It is recommended that you remain upright and avoid alcohol for the first six hours after the procedure. Results of the treatment should be visible within two weeks and can last up to six months. If you believe you are experiencing any side effects from Botox during this time, you should report them to your doctor. The staff in our Munster and Valparaiso offices can answer your questions about Botox. Please call us at (219) 513-2100 to inquire about an appointment with Botox® Cosmetic. With two plastic surgery offices in Munster and Valparaiso, we see patients from communities like Gary, Hammond Highland, Merrillville and other towns throughout the Chicago area and greater Indiana, Portage, South Bend. Botox Munster IndianaAllergan Partner Privileges Dr. Robinson is proud to be a member of Allergan’s Partner Privileges program. This level of membership recognizes Dr. Robinson’s knowledge and experience with Juvederm®, Botox® and Latisse®.


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