A familiar and somewhat easy measurement, women often request a specific cup size when first considering breast augmentation. “It is very common for patients to try and correlate the size (in cc’s) of a breast implant with the cup size they are trying to achieve,” says Dr. Robinson. While it is natural to have a cup size in mind—this should not be the determining measurement when it comes to your breast augmentation. Dr. Robinson explains, “Do not get hung up on the amount of cc’s—but, instead on the final appearance you are trying to achieve.”

“Why?” you ask. Here, along with Indiana plastic surgeon, Dr. Robinson, we explain why cup size is not a proper determinant.

Bras Are Not Created Equally

Cup size is a relatively arbitrary number. Fluctuating greatly in size, a “C” cup can vary in size from brand to brand. Not consistent, cup size does not provide a reliable measurement.

Each Woman is Different

“I tell all of my patients that each person’s breast anatomy is different,” says Dr. Robinson. He continues, “therefore, one size implant does not have the same results on each individual.”

More than Just Cup Size

Beautiful results are achieved when a number of variables are taken into consideration. “When evaluating my patients for breast augmentation surgery, I take several factors into account. These include: breast anatomy, the diameter of a patient’s breasts, their breast’s skin elasticity, and the cup size they are requesting,” explains Dr. Robinson.

“Taking all of these variables into account,” Dr. Robinson then determines the “size, style (high, medium profile), type (saline vs. silicone), and location (above or below the muscle)” of an implant that he feels will best give each individual woman “the look [she is] trying to achieve.”

Loving Your Breasts with Dr. Robinson

Far exceeding cup size alone, Dr. Robinson will design your breast augmentation to meet your goals. To learn more, please contact us to schedule a time for you to meet with Dr. Robinson.