Dull or damaged skin can be frustrating. Whether you are wanting those fine lines to go away or wishing those acne scars would finally fade, chemical peels can be a very effective way to rid that damaged layer of skin. Indiana Plastic Surgery offers a number of chemical peels at their Munster location, and this month we’re focusing on SkinMedica® Chemical Peels, a client favorite. 

What Can SkinMedica Peels Do For My Skin?

Chemical peels help exfoliate the skin to help improve skin texture, brighten your complexion, balance skin tone, reduce enlarged pores, and fight signs of aging. Skin peels are also personalized to be unique to you. Your reasons for pursing a chemical peel will be different from the next person, so SkinMedica has a variety of different chemical peel strengths to ensure you are getting the results you want. Dr. Robinson will listen to your goals and analyze your skin to recommend the best SkinMedica peel for you.

What Does a SkinMedica Chemical Peel Treatment Look Like?

Depending on the depth of the peel you choose, your treatment time will vary. The lighter chemical peels take about 15 minutes. Your skin will first be cleaned, and then the peel will be applied to your face or other treatment area (hands, chest, back, etc.). Oftentimes customized products will then be applied before your treatment is complete. About one week after your treatment, your damaged, top layer of skin will begin flaking off to reveal the youthful results down below.

The SkinMedica Difference

Dr. David Robinson recommends SkinMedica chemical peels and products because they utilize clinically tested ingredients to ensure you are receiving high quality care. Ready to begin your skin rejuvenation journey?  Schedule your initial consultation today to learn how SkinMedica Chemical Peels can help your skin.