When it comes to reducing stubborn fat, nothing compares to CoolSculpting®. This non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment effectively tackles trouble spots such as the abdomen and flanks, thighs, upper arms, back and more. And thanks to its innovative cooling technology, CoolSculpting® offers the long-term results you want. Keep reading to learn more about the science of fat cells and CoolSculpting®.

What is Stubborn Fat?

You have a relatively fixed number of fat cells in your body. This number fluctuated during your youth and adolescence. But in adulthood, your fat cell count varies little.

Unfortunately, you can’t really change the number of fat cells in your body by exercising or eating well. Fat cells simply expand and shrink in relation to changes in body weight. This explains why you may have such a hard time slimming down.

How CoolSculpting® Eliminates Unwanted Fat for Good

CoolSculpting® works by freezing and killing unwanted fat cells. Once that happens, your body naturally eliminates the dead cells. The elimination process generally takes one to three months.

The result is up to a 20-25% reduction of fat in the treated area. Best of all, the eliminated fat cells don’t come back. In other words, you should be able to enjoy your slim new look for many years to come.

Maintaining Your CoolSculpting® Results

While CoolSculpting® eliminates fat cells from the treated area, it’s not a weight-loss treatment, nor does it prevent future weight gain.

Weight gain after CoolSculpting® will cause your remaining fat cells to expand. This generally happens evenly all over the body. Nevertheless, it will likely impact the results of your treatment. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best thing you can do to sustain your new look.

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