In most cases, breast augmentation with implants is not enough to lift sagging breasts. The procedure does not correct low nipple position either. Yet the idea that breast implants can achieve these goals is everywhere. Keep reading for more information about this common misconception.

What Breast Implants Can Do

Saline and silicone implants are intended to increase breast size. They can restore volume lost due to pregnancy, weight reduction or age. Breast augmentation with implants is also used to achieve a rounder breast shape and correct asymmetry.

Some women may see an improvement in mild breast sagging after augmentation. However, this does not always happen and is not guaranteed.

Implants do not adequately address excess breast skin. They cannot fill out significant areas of laxity or elevate nipple position. And going with a bigger implant size is not the answer, as that may simply highlight these concerns.

In short, implants are not a replacement for a breast lift. A breast lift is the only procedure designed to elevate the breast contour and the nipple-areola complex. It raises the breasts by tightening and reshaping the tissue and removing excess skin. The result is a perkier and more youthful breast appearance.

Choosing a Breast Procedure to Meet Your Needs

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Robinson can recommend the appropriate procedure or combination of procedures during your consultation. He will assess your areas of concern, paying attention to factors such as skin quality and the distance between the nipple and the breast fold. He will also ask what you hope to achieve from your breast surgery.

Some women are only looking to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. For them, breast augmentation is likely a good option.

Others are dissatisfied with low breast position or excess breast skin. In those cases, a breast lift may be advisable. Finally, for women who want to add volume and achieve a more youthful-looking breast contour, a combination breast augmentation and breast lift surgery is probably ideal.

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