Breast lift surgery is an excellent option for women looking to achieve a perkier and more youthful breast profile. It offers long-lasting results that, while not permanent, can be extended with a few simple measures. Keep reading for steps you can take to maximize the longevity of your new look.

Plan Around Pregnancy

First things first, consider waiting until you are done having children before getting a breast lift. This is the single best thing you can do to protect your results.

Pregnancy changes the breasts in many ways, often causing sagging, stretched skin and volume loss. These changes will detract from the cosmetic improvement you experienced after surgery. You may need a second breast lift in the future to restore your ideal look.      

Avoid Weight Fluctuations

Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight may also diminish your results. That is because extreme weight changes can drastically alter the shape and appearance of your chest.

It is important to be at a healthy and stable weight before your procedure. Maintaining a similar weight going forward will help you enjoy the longest-lasting cosmetic outcome.

Wear Supportive Bras

Will wearing a regular or push up bra prevent future breast sagging? Some studies say yes, while others say no. Experts can agree, however, on the benefits of wearing a sports bra during exercise.

High impact physical activities, such as running, can take a toll on unsupported breasts. The combination of movement and gravity are known to stretch breast tissue over time. Purchase a well-fitting sports bra to counteract these effects following your procedure.

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The results of breast lift surgery are long-lasting, though the procedure does not prevent changes due to age and other factors. Retain your new look for longer by following the simple tips above.

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