A common reason for plastic surgery is that patients want to boost their confidence by enhancing and defining their appearance. Many patients want to look their best in the summer, when they can show off their physiques in bathing suits, shorts and sundresses. Since plastic surgery requires planning, a surgical date, and a recovery period (it’s a multi-step process), winter is a perfect time to start planning for the warmer weather! 

Planning your plastic surgery procedure during the winter will help you enjoy the warm summer months by participating in activities you love, not spending time recovering inside. Here’s just a few reasons why this is the perfect time to get on the road to looking and feeling your best!

Scars fade

While scarring is an inevitable part of plastic surgery, it is always at its worst immediately after the procedure. A significant amount of healing happens in the first few months. With a winter surgery, you give your scars ample time to heal and fade before summer. This timing can be especially beneficial for procedures such as tummy tucks, liposuction, or breast augmentation.

Swelling disappears

Just as scars can take months to lose their initial redness, swelling can also be present for the same amount of time. Most swelling subsides after a few weeks, but the rest of it can take a few months to fully dissipate. Planning for your surgery early allows the expected swelling to be gone before summer.

Cold weather allows for easier concealment

You may still experience visible effects of the recovery process even after you have been cleared to return to your normal activities. Winter allows for easier concealment of your recovery – long sleeves, loose sweaters and scarves all help hide the treatment areas until you feel ready to fully show off your results!

If you think that plastic surgery might be right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Robinson today or call our office at (219) 500-5766. His experience and expertise can provide solutions to help keep you looking and feeling your best, all throughout the year!