Wedding Day Makeover

Look and Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day!

Given the right timing, we can help you look beautiful and youthful on that special day. With great skin care and proven cosmetic treatments, the experts at Indiana Plastic Surgery can help bring out your best self –just in time for your wedding.

View the wedding day makeover guide below and select the cosmetic procedures you desire. Then schedule an appointment and learn how to get started.



When to come in…

Latisse®Grow longer, fuller and darker eyelashes (With no extensions)At least 30 days before wedding
Botox® CosmeticReduce forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines for a youthful look.3 weeks before wedding
Juvederm® or RestylaneGet fuller, more kissable lips and smooth skin with no smile lines.3 weeks before wedding
Laser hair removalErase unwanted body hair and enjoy hassle-free smooth skin.3-6 months before wedding
Laser vein treatmentZap away those pesky spider veins.3 months before wedding.
Intense Pulsed LightErase signs of sun damage like age spots, freckles and redness.3 months before wedding
LiposuctionTrim unwanted fat and sculpt your body to look beautiful in your gown or swimwear.3- 6 months before wedding
Skin renewal treatmentsShow off your beautiful, clear and bright skin.4 months before wedding
Breast EnhancementFill out your wedding dress with fuller breasts that look and feel natural.3-6 months before wedding
Tummy TuckGet a flat tummy, tightened ab muscles and a more sinuous shape.4-6 months before wedding


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