Women seek breast augmentation for a number of different reasons. Dr. Robinson is a board certified plastic surgeon who knows that every woman has a unique set of circumstances that has led her to consider breast augmentation.  He loves to share his many years of experience regarding the benefits of this surgery with prospective patients. If you are on the fence about breast augmentation, check out some of the reasons why thousands of women choose implants every year.

Improving Your Body’s Proportions

When you feel that your body is not proportionate, it can be extremely difficult to feel confident in clothes. You may find yourself avoiding form-fitting or tighter clothing because you feel self-conscious about revealing your body. If you feel that your hips are too large while your chest is too flat, Dr. Robinson has recommended breast augmentation to successfully improve proportions for many women.

Restoring Breasts After Childbirth or Weight Loss

Pregnancy and breast feeding stretch and misshape the breasts quite a bit, leaving many women self-conscious after they have children. Similarly, after losing a significant amount of weight, many women’s breasts do not look like they once did. Having a child and becoming healthy are both two amazing accomplishments that normally should empower women, however, with these life altering events sometimes come changes to a woman’s breasts. This is why breast augmentation can be a great way to restore the size and shape of the breasts following these life changing experiences.

Fixing Asymmetry

Having asymmetrical breasts is quite common for the majority women, but it can become an issue for many when this imbalance is clearly visible. Asymmetrical breasts can make it nearly impossible to find a bathing suit or bra that fits right, and it often rules what clothes a woman might choose to wear. If you are finding that having asymmetrical breasts is holding you back from wearing what you want, and liking the way that you look, breast augmentation can help bring balance to your breasts.

Restoring Confidence

This final benefit can overlap with many other reasons why women seek breast augmentation, but we feel that it is important enough to mention on its own. Women often share with us that having smaller breasts has taken a huge toll on confidence in their body, fashion, relationships, and life in general.  At Indiana Plastic Surgery, the empowerment of our clients is important to us. Breast augmentation can be a way for many women to feel confident in their own skin, maybe even for the first time.

Breast Augmentation in Munster & Valparaiso

At Indiana Plastic Surgery, we understand that there are many reasons why a woman might benefit from breast augmentation surgery and that each woman is unique. If you are interested in breast augmentation, please schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Robinson today.