When Kybella hit the market in 2015, men and women flocked to Indiana Plastic Surgery to try the first fat dissolving injectable. Targeting the double chin, Kybella gets rid of one of the toughest areas. Dr. Robinson instantly knew that Kybella would be a hit! For many, Kybella seems like a miracle cure—but this is no dream, Kybella lives up to its promise and now, many of our patients now have the fat-free chin they have always wanted.

A Double Chin Is a Very Common Concern

Many of Dr. Robinson’s patients are self-conscious of their appearance because of a larger or fuller chin. Submental fat (fat just under the chin) affects both men and women regardless of weight or age. Oftentimes, submental fat is genetic and there is little one can do to prevent or reduce it. This can explain why thin or fit individuals are not always spared extra facial fullness.

Kybella Is the First Minimally Invasive Solution to Effectively Target a Double Chin

Getting rid of submental fat has long been a challenge. Despite promises to reduce double chin, weight loss, exercise, and creams tend to not make much of a difference. Before Kybella, liposuction was the only other effective method to remove submental fat. Kybella is a game changer. For the first time, submental fat is targeted and destroyed in a minimally invasive injectable treatment.

Kybella for the Win

This injectable powerhouse was specifically designed to diminish the fat under the chin and has done just that for many of our patients at Indiana Plastic Surgery. Kybella is now Dr. Robinson’s preferred choice for helping his patients get rid of their double chins. The short treatment has few lasting side effects and is relatively well-tolerated. Our patients love that they are able to achieve a permanently slim jawline in just a few short visits.

Kybella at Indiana Plastic Surgery

Get ready to say goodbye to your double chin once and for all. With Kybella, Dr. Robinson, and his staff at Indiana Plastic Surgery, you’ll be closer to that sleek profile you’ve always dreamed of. You can feel better about how you look when you schedule your Kybella consultation with Dr. Robinson.