Much to the dismay of men of all ages, many find that their chest fails to possess a manly disposition. Taking matters into their own hands, men head to the gym with the resolve to shape and tone their upper body in hopes of defining a more masculine chest. Soon, however, many of these men will find out that exercise may not be enough to give their chest a strong and muscular appearance.

Still left with soft and round breasts, many find themselves dumbfounded and question what they’re doing wrong. Quite simply, the answer is often nothing. The real problem is that, like nearly 60 percent of the male population, they are struggling with gynecomastia.

Understanding Gynecomastia

First, it is important to understand what defines gynecomastia—this will give you a better idea as to why exercise alone cannot fully resolve enlarged breasts. Gynecomastia occurs when there is an excess of fatty tissues as well as an overgrowth of glandular and fibrous tissues in the breast area. In the majority of cases, firm and fibrous tissues are located directly behind the areola with excess fatty tissue filling out the surrounding breast area. Together, this combination makes a man’s breasts appear unnaturally large. 

Why Exercise Is Not Enough

While Dr. Robinson would never discourage any of his patients from living out healthy habits, gynecomastia does not respond to exercise. Cardio and chest-specific exercises only target excess fat cells and muscle development. Remember, gynecomastia is largely due to an excess of fibrous and glandular tissue and thus, gynecomastia cannot be resolved through any means other than surgery.

Relax! Dr. Robinson Can Help

Dr. Robinson understands that gynecomastia and enlarged breasts can be worrying to many men. Through male breast reduction surgery, he is able to utilize a number of advanced surgical techniques including liposuction to reduce and reshape the pectorals and chest area. When needed, Dr. Robinson is able to tighten underlying muscles that may have stretched as well as excise loose or hanging skin.

Male breast reduction surgery has helped many men restore not only their desired masculine physique, but also their confidence. If you find that, despite your best attempts, you are still struggling with enlarged male breasts, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our either Munster or Valparaiso practices. Together with you, Dr. Robinson can address your treatment options and be on your way to a more masculine chest.