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Oxylight® Special: Save on Great Skin in September!

High-tech facials are having a moment. While traditional services like mud masks and chemical peels will always have their place, skin care treatments that utilize more advanced technology can offer a truly dramatic improvement. This September, take advantage of our monthly special and save on one of the most high-tech treatments available: Sapphire 3® Oxylight®. What is Oxylight? The Sapphire 3 Oxylight device relies on LED light, oxygen, diamond microdermabrasion, ultrasound and microcurrent therapies to… Read Full Post

Put Your Best Face Forward with HydraFacial

Over 2 million HydraFacial treatments were performed globally in 2017. Broken down, that amounts to approximately one HydraFacial administered every 15 seconds! Since that time, the rejuvenating facial has only surged in popularity. Keep reading to learn about this remarkable, in-demand med spa service that can revitalize the health and beauty of your skin. How HydraFacial Works HydraFacial is a patented hydradermabrasion device that invigorates the skin in three simple steps: cleansing, extracting and administering… Read Full Post

The Benefits of a Post-Pregnancy Tummy Tuck

Every mom knows that pregnancy changes the body. After giving birth, you may have a few issues — especially in the tummy area — that you want to improve. Unfortunately, diet and exercise may not be able to produce the smooth and firm abdominal profile that you want. As a new mother, you deserve to feel confident during this exciting chapter of your life. The good news is that a tummy tuck can help you reclaim your… Read Full Post

5 Non-Surgical Treatments to Rejuvenate Winter Skin

Midwestern winters can be brutal. In Indiana, lake-effect snow, gusting winds and below-freezing temperatures not only wreak havoc on homes and roads, but can leave your skin looking and feeling dry, itchy and dull. At Indiana Plastic Surgery, we offer non-surgical skincare treatments to rejuvenate winter skin. Try one of our skincare treatments to keep your face glowing all season long. Chemical Peels for a Bright Complexion Chemical peels can improve the appearance of rough, dull skin caused… Read Full Post

Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal This Winter

Any season is a great time to opt for laser hair removal, including the wintertime. Although you may be bundled up this time of year in Indiana, you may still want silky smooth, stubble-free skin. As you know, shaving in the winter easily leads to dry, rashy skin. Waxing involves time and expense, and you may be interested in an alternative. Laser hair removal offers lasting hair reduction. To learn more, please call Indiana Plastic Surgery at 219-513-2100 ,… Read Full Post

Keep It Cool This Winter with CoolSculpting®

We are so excited to share our latest addition to our body-shaping arsenal. With CoolSculpting, all of our Indiana patients can now enjoy all of the benefits of a perfectly-contoured figure without the need for surgery. Boasting short treatment times and little to no downtime, there’s no better time to finally achieve your ideal physique. Good Candidates for CoolSculpting Do you have pockets of stubborn fat that aren’t responding to your best diet and exercise efforts?… Read Full Post

Botox®: Your Questions Answered

With millions of treatments given every year, Botox® continues to be the go-to approach to reduce the common signs of aging in the upper face. Here’s a comprehensive guide to all of the common questions about this amazing anti-aging treatment. Why Is Botox so Effective? The secret behind the benefits of Botox is that it stops what causes lines and wrinkles in the upper face to appear. Injections work to subdue the repetitive muscle activity that… Read Full Post

CoolSculpting® Comes to Indiana Plastic Surgery!

That’s right! CoolSculpting is now available at Indiana Plastic Surgery. This incredible non-surgical fat-reducer can eradicate unwanted areas of flab safely and effectively with little to no downtime. The Benefits of CoolSculpting If you’re looking for a way to slim down and shape your figure without the need for surgery, treatments with CoolSculpting may be the perfect fit. This amazing body-contouring device can sculpt away troublesome pockets of unwanted fat that have become resistant to your best… Read Full Post

Skin Issues? Treat them with OxyLight®

Are you experiencing skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, or sagging skin? Dr. Robinson and his team of aesthetic experts at Indiana Plastic Surgery have the solution for you! Sapphire 3®’s OxyLight® can target these common complexion conditions and restore your skin to all its former glowing glory. Completely Customizable Treatments One of the best parts of Sapphire 3’s OxyLight device is that treatments can be tailored to address exactly what’s ailing your skin.… Read Full Post

Longer Lashes with Latisse®

Long eyelashes can bring out your eyes and enhance your entire appearance. But many women are left with lashes that lack length and life. Some women opt for synthetic eyelashes or eyelash extensions which can look fake and take time to put on. They can also cause eye irritation and just be a pain to deal with. Now, Latisse® can naturally give you longer, thicker eyelashes without the hassle of more traditional methods. How to Apply… Read Full Post

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