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Bye Bye Bad Skin! Thanks To SkinMedica® Chemical Peels

Dull or damaged skin can be frustrating. Whether you are wanting those fine lines to go away or wishing those acne scars would finally fade, chemical peels can be a very effective way to rid that damaged layer of skin. Indiana Plastic Surgery offers a number of chemical peels at their Munster location, and this month we’re focusing on SkinMedica® Chemical Peels, a client favorite.  What Can SkinMedica Peels Do For My Skin? Chemical peels help exfoliate the… Read Full Post

Are You Mommy Makeover Ready?

Many mothers struggle to attain their pre-pregnancy body. Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and a busy schedule can drastically alter a woman’s figure. More and more, women are coming to Indiana Plastic Surgery in search of a slim, tight, and renewed appearance. Through what is known as a Mommy Makeover, Dr. Robinson is able to reshape and restore your figure. We find that many women are mentally and emotionally ready for their Mommy Makeover, but have concerns regarding… Read Full Post

When It Comes to Gynecomastia, Exercise Is Not a Solution

Much to the dismay of men of all ages, many find that their chest fails to possess a manly disposition. Taking matters into their own hands, men head to the gym with the resolve to shape and tone their upper body in hopes of defining a more masculine chest. Soon, however, many of these men will find out that exercise may not be enough to give their chest a strong and muscular appearance. Still left… Read Full Post

The Cost of Liposuction Explained

As with any cosmetic procedure, liposuction is a major financial undertaking for many of our patients at Indiana Plastic Surgery. As such, it only makes sense that you may be concerned about the final cost. While cost should never be the first consideration, we understand that it is bound to influence your decision. Calculating the Cost of Liposuction Liposuction is a highly personalized procedure and the final cost is different for each of Dr. Robinson’s patients.… Read Full Post

Breast Augmentation: More than Cup Size Alone

A familiar and somewhat easy measurement, women often request a specific cup size when first considering breast augmentation. “It is very common for patients to try and correlate the size (in cc’s) of a breast implant with the cup size they are trying to achieve,” says Dr. Robinson. While it is natural to have a cup size in mind—this should not be the determining measurement when it comes to your breast augmentation. Dr. Robinson explains, “Do… Read Full Post

On Trend with SkinPen

Recently, RealSelf, an online community for sharing information on all things aesthetic, asked members to predict the top aesthetic trend for 2016. Polling over 500 board certified doctors, the top trend was clear—amongst the bounty of procedures, microneedling was most often mentioned. An active member and frequent RealSelf contributor, Dr. Robinson is pleased to perform microneedling with the help of SkinPen. SkinPen, a form of microneedling, is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a specially designed pen-like hand… Read Full Post

Ultherapy: Say Goodbye to Skin Laxity!

As we age, it is inevitable that over time, our skin breaks down and loses its youthful tightness. While once taut, the skin around the face and neck become increasingly slack—often, adding to an aged appearance. Frustrated with the fact that there is little they can do, men and women come to Indiana Plastic Surgery in hopes of restoring a youthful contour to their face, jawline, and neck. You are in luck! With the assistance of… Read Full Post

What’s New

COMMUNITY HOSPITAL WELCOMES NEW MEDICAL AND DENTAL STAFF PRESIDENT  MUNSTER – Community Hospital welcomes David Robinson, MD as the new President of the Medical and Dental staff effective July 1. In his position as president, Dr. Robinson will provide leadership for the 600 medical and dental physicians on staff at Community Hospital. Since 2006, Dr. Robinson has served as chairman and vice chairman for Community Hospital’s department of Surgery. He is a published author and public… Read Full Post

One Hour or Less: Lunch Break Procedures

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures have been rising in popularity despite tough economic times, especially since many people who want to  improve their appearance are unwilling to take time off work. For these people, “lunch break” cosmetic procedures are able to offer many of the benefits of surgery without any of the downtime. A recent article on FaceForum highlights some of the options available for patients with an hour to spare. According to FaceForum writer Christine Adamo, the key… Read Full Post

Circling Around the Topic of Areola Reduction

An outpatient surgery with a quick recovery time, areola reduction can boost appearance and self-confidence Some women believe that their areolas — the ring of pigmented skin surrounding the nipple of the breast — are too big, puffy or prominent. Areolas can be made larger because of genetics, weight gain, breast feeding and other factors. Also, as breasts sag, areolas can expand and stretch with age. Areola reduction surgery can help solve this dilemma. A… Read Full Post

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